In any sort of endurance event, the importance of your crew can't be understated.

They will take turns staying awake as they travel alongside you. They'll be cooking your food,, they'll be making sure you have enough water, they'll be protecting you from the traffic, they'll be running alongside you when you need a little perk, and most importantly, they'll be cheering you on when you start getting down.

It takes a tough person to be on this crew, but these guys are up for it. Sister MaryBeth Lloyd

"Lisa and I have been working for years helping the children, but we have never been able to do it in person. This year God has given me this grace. It is one thing reading about Badwater and all of Lisa's feats, it will be a privilege to be near her and encourage her. Many, many children will benefit from all the sacrifices that are being made for this challenge. May God bless all involved and all the benefactors."

MIKE EVANS is our superman. He has done six 100 mile races, 6 50 mile races, a bunch of 50K races, and a whole gaggle of marathons. He's crewed for runners in races like Badwater UltraMarathon, Leadville 100, Western States and Wasatch. He says "I know in the depths of my heart that lisa can do this. She and Sister Marybeth have spent their lives in the service of others, and I am deeply honored to be a part of this journey. It is the least I can do, for all Lisa has done for me."

"After running the North Pole Marathon and taking over 10 hours to finish it, I realized that I had better get some professional help before taking on the Marathon des Sables the next year. I came across Lisa's information and immediately begged her to train me. (Graciously, she accepted.) Three years later she is still inspiring me to do things that at age eighteen I wouldn't have done. My friends continue to refer to me as "the one who does those whacko running things" and I have Lisa to thank for this. Contributing to Running Hope Through America is my tiny way of saying thanks to Lisa for all she's taught me, about running, endurance and just plain being a real good human being."

"I met Lisa just last year, in 2009. Our personalities clicked and we quickly became good friends. She's been such a blessing in my life and I feel like I've known her forever. Last fall, when she told me about Running Hope Through America, I was so excited about it and wanted very much to help her. We have many of the same passions. We both love children and what a great opportunity this is for me to help kids all over the world. It's the perfect project for me to be helping with and I feel so lucky that she pulled me right in. I jumped on board from the beginning and I'm putting everything I have into this. It's been the most amazing experience and just keeps getting better! I'm really looking forward to going on the road with Lisa and the rest of the crew. They are all such wonderful people and we work so well together! It will most definitely be one of the best experiences of my entire life! Aside from RHTA, I'm a college student residing in Kentucky, with plans to pursue a career as a therapist."

Unfortunately, Liz has had to step off the on-the-road crew. But she's so instrumental in making this run happen, that there's no way she's not part of our crew. "I stumbled into Lisa’s embrace after finishing my first trail marathon two years ago. That hug at the finishing line embodies all Lisa is to me, to our community, to our children. I am humbled to be a part of Lisa’s crew for Running Hope through America. I have worked with children in foster care for the last three years. I am continually inspired and amazed by their resilience and sense of hope. Most of us will never know their struggles, understand their heartache, or match their strength. But through Lisa’s work, the message grows, the money is donated, and the children are granted opportunities to life. Lisa is an exemplary model of leading, learning and serving."