It’s A Beautiful Day In Green Bay!

Posted by admin in Hope Wall

What a day it was in Green Bay on Friday…

We couldn’t have asked for a better day: Perfect temperature, not too humid, lovely run along the lake, and great energy and enthusiasm from everyone! Media came out to cover our efforts, which is always a blessing. The entire school of Wisconsin International came out! I ran about two and a half miles with them.

My running buddy, Roy Pirrung, came out as well and ran with me. He fed me inspiration and empathetic words for miles, and it was such a joy to be around him… Thank You Roy!

Sometimes, I feel that there can be a great distance between the rest of the world and me. The professional in me automatically separates in order to be able to handle the intensity of the task at hand. I think that sometimes it’s difficult for people who aren’t pro-athletes to understand the amount of stress and strain that must be overcome to complete a task (such as, say… running 2500-miles in 62 days).

But, I really felt that Roy understood. And, whether I’m correct or not in thinking this, I felt better for having someone around that I felt understood me to my core.

I felt exceedingly well. I’ve come through a major hurtle, not only on this journey but also on the journey of my life. God is testing me to my bones, and has provided clear answers to my questions through lessons: I’ve learned how to ask for help, how to say I’m not feeling well, how to stick up for myself, and most importantly, I’ve learned to accept situations and consequences as they are.

This was a day that I needed for me. I feel thankful, blessed and loved in this world again!