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How We Know Lisa is Running 50-Miles

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God Bless everyone who has come out to support us, or is supporting us long-distance…

To get the 50 mile distance each day we have a state leader who is marking a course for us.  Most are an “out-and-back”, or a loop.  For the first several states, Lisa did not even have a watch to keep time, she only ran and walked on her best effort and we all marked the laps. It became clear that Lisa was running extra miles most days because even running to get the bathroom 1/4 mile in Central Park should count.  In Maryland Lisa ran 52 miles and it was 97 and very humid.  Every step counts!

The courses have been googled and calculated the best people can and Lisa now wears her own brand new Garmin 310 that holds a charge for 20 hours.  The Garmin is very accurate as far as we can tell with the distance, mileage and pace of each mile.  This is not a race, this is not a world record attempt.  To bring Guinness world book on board costs a great deal of money.  At the end of the day Lisa’s Garmin says 50 miles and when it says 50 miles……then we celebrate!

This is one very difficult undertaking.  Lisa is sacrificing a great deal to help children all around the world.  For many days people ran all 50 miles with Lisa — all wearing a Garmin.  This became exhausting and left the team with great concern for Lisa’s well being.  Talking and listening all day is difficult although we are full of gratitude for all those who are coming to support.  They are coming to be inspired but they are also inspiring Lisa and our team.  We have Lisa now doing the first 15-25 miles with all those who show up.  Then we send her off for 5-10 miles on her own and with her music.   She then does all the last miles with many people or Mike on the crew. Pray she can continue to do this amazing run for the children, it is all for the children.

I am the one who has kept track of all the money raised over the last 18 year’s with Lisa’s running and the total is 4.5 million just as she says it is.  You may consider coming to visit some of the places where the children are.  If you have any questions you may also call me directly:  916-202-6382.  If anyone would like to match what Lisa has accomplished with her efforts we would love to have your help. $1 does make a difference.

God Bless You All,
Sr Marybeth Lloyd